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Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

So long fall, I hardly knew ya!  We had our first snow this weekend, and while it wasn't much, and all it's almost all melted already, and it's supposed to be in the high 40s by the end of the week, I feel like this is the unofficial end of fall.  I'm already in early winter hibernation mode - I desperately need to get to the store today to get some things for dinner and for my contributions to the Thanksgiving dinner we'll be attending (quickly, before all the fresh sage in our little town is sold out!), and yet I can't bring myself to leave the house.  It's cold, and overcast, and, did I mention cold?

I'm a Florida girl born and bred, and for 24 years I would get excited if it got cold enough to wear long pants on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I always watched the Macy's parade with envy, wondering what it would be like to live somewhere where there was often snow on the ground in time for Thanksgiving.  If nothing else, they always had on scarves and mittens.  Gotta love the cold weather accessories! 

Well, I take it back!  And it's not even like I'm living in Alaska or Siberia.  It's just northern Nevada.  But to me it's cold.  Cold weather means potentially scary driving conditions (this from a girl who once drove through a tropical storm) it means extra clothes (that part's not so bad - at least it's an excuse to not worry about the extra fat around my middle!) and mostly it means that it takes 10 times as long to do things.  Cold weather + extra clothes + a toddler = nightmare!  Even the dog doesn't want to go out in this weather!

On the upside, it also means some exciting things are on the horizon.  December is a busy month for us - our anniversary, little dude's birthday, and Christmas.  But most exciting of all is how jazzed the little dude is about the prospect of snow this year.  Last year we couldn't get him near it - it was all about hysterical screaming and crying.  This year he can't wait to play in it - to his dismay, by the time he got up this morning, almost all of the weekend's snow had melted.  He's already counting down to the next snow, whenever that may be.

Our first snow last year - Little Dude was not happy!

What a difference a year makes!

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Rebecca said...

My two like the snow much more than I do. It's funny to think that snow will be a part of their childhood memories.

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