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Monday, April 11, 2011

Over the weekend

Happy Monday friends!  Hard to believe the halfway point of April is upon us, isn't it?  I swear, the one thing (and pretty much the only thing) that people seem to forget to mention when you're expecting a baby is how much faster time will seem to move once you actually have the baby.  Seriously, I really didn't need the gory details of the birthing process, or being endlessly told how tired I'd be.  What I really needed was someone to tell me how fast it would go.  I guess it wouldn't really have mattered if someone had told me.  It's not like I can do anything about it.  But still.  A little warning would have been nice.  (Disclaimer - someone probably did warn me, but I was too busy being grossed out by all the TMI birthing stories to remember).  (Disclaimer #2 - No babies on the way here - I'm just referencing my pregnancy with Little Dude).

Our weekend was a quiet one, as weekends out here generally seem to be.  We took it easy on Saturday.  I should amend that.  I took it easy on Saturday.  Pilot Pete and I have this lovely arrangement where he gets up with Little Dude and lets me sleep in.  Not that we get up particularly early during the week.  But my night owl/vampire tendencies require a normal bedtime of about 3 AM, so getting to sleep an extra few hours on the weekend is heavenly.  For dinner on Saturday I roasted some chicken, mashed some potatoes, and cooked some green beans.  This is particularly noteworthy, because I detest cooking chicken (don't mind eating it though), so home cooked chicken is definitely a rarity around here.

Sunday found us, as it usually does, in the big city.  I needed to hit up the Ann Taylor to make an exchange, so we bribed Little Dude into being good by taking him to the National Automobile Museum, which is one of his favorite stops.  We spent a good long while talking cars, engines, and rumble seats.  I definitely built up enough capital to spend a decent amount of time in the Ann Taylor changing room.  The fact that they have a water fountain didn't hurt either.  You have to love the ability kids have to entertain themselves with the most ordinary things.  We capped off the day at one of our favorite restaurants, where Little Dude informed us as we sat down that he wanted ice cream.  Damn illustrated kids menus!

I hope you had a fun and restful weekend.  Enough some scenes from ours:

10 April 2011 001.1
One can only guess what they're discussing, but I'll bet it's about cars

10 April 2011 006.1
Just cruising

10 April 2011 016
Taking a break while waiting for a table for dinner