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Monday, April 25, 2011

Over the weekend

Did you have a nice weekend?  I certainly hope so!  We had a full and exciting weekend, including the return of Pilot Pete and a visit by the Easter Bunny, and capped off by a trip to the traveling carnival.

On Saturday Pilot Pete returned from a work trip.  I always think that as Little Dude gets older, the separations from his dad will get easier - he'll have a better handle on the passage of time, and I'll be better able to explain why dad is away.  Unfortunately, our experience seems to be the exact opposite.  I'm finding my older toddler to be more emotional and less rational than I had hoped.  I know that this phase will pass, and we will one day get to a place where he does understand and accept (or at least tolerate) these separations better.  For now, a lot of snuggling, reassuring, and a few special treats delivered by dad upon his return home seem to help.

Easter Sunday was our busy day - we had some friends over for brunch and an egg hunt, and then we followed up with a trip to the carnival that set up shop in the empty, old Walmart parking lot.  Little Dude and I noticed the carnival on Thursday.  Actually, I noticed it Wednesday as they were setting up, and made a mental note to not drive by again until they were gone.  Sadly, I forgot, and found myself passing by again the next day.  While I was silently hoping he wouldn't notice, I heard a little voice from the backseat.  "Hey...what's that over there?"  "Umm, I don't know buddy..."  "Well, I think it's a carnival."  "Oh, ok I guess that's what it is then."  "Yep.  I will go there with Daddy when he comes home.  You can come too." I'm glad I scored an invite - we had a fun time.

Enjoy the scenes from our weekend:

24 April 2011 007.1
Examining a Lightning McQueen shaped easter egg

24 April 2011 009.1
Anxiously waiting for the start of the egg hunt with his girlfriends

24 April 2011 013.1
On the hunt

24 April 2011 030
A fighter pilot in training?

24 April 2011 033
Or a land based speed demon?