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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My favorite children's book

In our house we read a lot.  It's one of our shared interests - we all love to read.  I feel fortunate to have married a man who loves to read almost as much as I do, and I am so happy to be able to pass that on to our child.  I have read and done a lot of research regarding boys and reading, and I am glad that (at least for now) Little Dude loves books and is interested in reading.  We recently started taking trips to the library together, and I am thrilled to see him enjoy the process of choosing a book to borrow.

With that said, I wanted to share my favorite children's book.  I realize I haven't blogged much about being a military family lately, and that is mostly because we are finishing up a period of time where Pilot Pete is fairly consistently home all the time.  Come this summer we'll be packing up and moving again, and with that will bring new challenges and adventures.  Always at the back of my mind is how I'll deal with the long separations of deployment, which Little Dude has yet to experience, and which is on the horizon.  Here's where the book comes in.  No Matter What, by Debi Gliori, is not only my favorite book for any child, but more specifically my favorite book for military children, because I  think it does such a good job of dealing with love, worry, and separation.

Described on the back cover as "A little book about big worries", it's recommended for ages 3-6, but I must admit that it is one of the first books I bought when he was born, and I imagine us reading it even after he's 6, because it's so sweet and reassuring.  The main characters are Small and Big, or as Little Dude calls them, "Me and Mommy".  Small worries about whether Large will love him always, "no matter what".  Large speaks to all of us about the power of unconditional love, but it's the last line of the books that speaks most to me, something I think all military children dealing with the absence of one or both of their parents need to hear often:

How about you?  What's your favorite children's book?

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