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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three things for Thursday

We're headed out to the airport in a bit to pick up a special someone (more on that tomorrow), but I wanted to share with you the three things I'm loving on this mid-January Thursday:

1. La Brea Bakery Bake-At-Home French Demi Baguettes.  Baguettes you keep in the freezer, bake for 12 minutes and taste like they're fresh from the bakery?  Are  you kidding me?  These are incredible!   I found them in the freezer section at Raley's this week and they do not disappoint.  One of the things I miss living in a rural area is a great bakery with fresh bread.  This comes about as close as you can get out here.  

2. Zee Avi.  I caught her song "Bitter Heart" on XM Radio's Coffee House station yesterday and couldn't wait to look her up on iTunes.  Her music is described as folk-pop with quirky lyrics.  She'll be touring with Jack Johnson this fall, so if you like his music, odds are, you're going to love her too!

3. BrideBlu on Etsy.  "Simplistic and classic jewelry made with crystal, pearl, and vintage findings."  I especially love the Blossom Rose Necklace and the Alyssa abstract wire flower necklace.  So pretty!  Check out the blog.