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Monday, December 6, 2010

Over the weekend

I thought it might be nice to bookend my weekends with photos.  For me this serves two purposes: to get me to blog more often, and to get me to take more pictures.  So, on Friday I'll still be posting along with Andrea and others in Foto Friday, and then on Monday I'll post a few scenes from our weekend.

This weekend was holiday card picture weekend.  Every year since Little Dude was born we send out photo cards with his mug on them.  Normally we include our dog Athena, a 5 year old rescue, but this year we decided to seek out some cool locations in our little town and I figured it would be too much for her.  We happened upon this great old building with a phenomenal red door.  This served as the backdrop for what will be our photo for this year.  Below you'll find a few outtakes from our "session" yesterday.  Can you tell I've discovered Flickr and Picnik?

2010 Christmas Card 034.1

2010 Christmas Card 077.1

2010 Christmas Card 044.1

2010 Christmas Card 046.1

How about you?  What were you up to over the weekend?