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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three things for Thursday

Today I'm loving:

1. Pop-Tarts!  The strawberry with frosting variety.  I haven't had these in years, but saw them at Walmart and had to have them.  Oh so good, and yet oh so bad (I can never eat just one!).

2. Carnations.  Martha Stewart (I guess I'm a little obsessed lately) did a segment on carnations.  I've never liked them - they always remind me of the flower buy in high school for Valentine's Day. You know, where you buy carnations and have them sent to the recipient's homeroom?  Plus, they smell after a couple days.  Well, thanks to M.S., I have a new interest in them.  And, I learned out how to get the stink out (a drop of bleach in their water).

3. The Nook Color.  I have an original Nook (best Mother's Day present ever!) and love it.  The new features on the Nook Color are so exciting to me.  I can't wait to eventually have one, and read my magazines on it.  What a great way to save on paper waste!

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Andrea said...

I'm a couple of blog posts behind, but will be doing this :)

Three Things for Thursday

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